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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovering from a Strenuous Diet

Some people do not understand the importance of recovering from the diet in the right way. They simply stop dieting and that is the end of their program. What they forget is the fact that the body needs to gradually get used to the normal diet after hard session of deprivation that may have pushed it to the very top of its limits. The work that goes into improving the diet for the individual will also take its toll on the resources of the body to cope with any other challenges. Dieting is hard work and one should treat it in the same way that they treat exercise. In fact they should slowly approach the different elements of the final stages of the diet with caution. If they have not taken the necessary steps to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, the joke will be on them and they might end up going straight back to their old bad habits that got them into trouble in the first place.

The completion of the dietary program is a stress in its own right but one also has the challenge of remaining consistent on the program that has been given to them. They have to ensure that they do not put back the weight that they have lost or else it will look like they have just wasted a lot of money. It is very important that those people working within the diet industry give the customers some tips on how to cope with the challenges of finishing a diet. The person needs to assess whether they have achieved all the targets that were set for them in the original diet and whether they will continue to enjoy the full benefits of the diet. In the same way that we ease into the diet regime we need to ease out of it in order to prevent long term damage to the body.

The diet industry is full of horror stories of people that completed a diet and then put all the weight back on. In fact some of them may end up even heavier than they were before. This is a very unfortunate turn of events but it can be prevented with the right amount of collaborative working. One has to completely change their lifestyle throughout the dieting process so that they do not miss out on any of the benefits. They also have to give some allowance for the fact that their body might take long to adjust.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too much of a good thing

Controversial as it may sound too much dieting is not good for you. Apart from the obvious stress of trying to watch the calories, diets can damage your pockets by forcing you to buy things that you do not want or need. You should be looking for natural ways of controlling your weight rather than always relying on the diet to deliver the answers that are so elusive to you. There are plenty of other alternatives that can help you to lose weight in a responsible and healthy manner.
First of you all you supplement your diet with fruit, vegetables and seeds which form a rather good option but will not add to much fat to the one that is already hanging onto your body. These foods are ironically available to the people who need them but instead they choose to feast on burgers and hope that a quick diet will heal them of their predicament.

I remember the days when I too was a keen dieter and kept all sorts of strange records of everything that I did. I would look at food and get a sick feeling because I knew that I was forbidden from tasting it. Whenever someone invited me out for a meal, I would immediately starting thinking about all those horrible calories that would befall me if I as much as decided to eat more that I was allowed to. This is a very unhealthy attitude to food and the moment that you get an opportunity you will end up over indulging and causing yourself more problems than solutions. Food is meant to be enjoyed and life is not all about having the right diet. It is important that we all remember this important adage.

Water is one of those things that we take for granted yet it can be a great help when you are trying to control your weight. You should incorporate water into your diet because it makes you feel healthier and costs much less than some of the other heralded remedies that you might be tempted to undergo. I would add a word of warning to the effect that too much water can reduce your mineral levels to dangerous depths that can seriously harm your health. Therefore you should exercise some discretion as you decide to go for the water route. At the same time I would urge people to ensure that they do not take water that is contaminated. Try to get bottled water and if that is not possible then ensure that you boil whatever you drink.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Do Not Be Too Quick to Lose Fat

Your wish to rapidly lose fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time might come much sooner than you expected or wanted. We are all trying to obtain the perfect figure and we are doing all sorts of things to improve our chances of losing the fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time. In any case the pace at which we lose the fact will also be an important factor. In this article I look at some of the reasons that it may not be in your interest to lose fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time too rapidly.

1. You might end up consuming less and less food in an effort to lose accumulation of excess body flesh that can lead to serious health issues yourself. As you concentrate on reducing your overall accumulation of excess body flesh that can lead to serious health issues you might start to neglect the requirements of a balanced schedule of food intake processes that is meant to meet the minimum requirements of a balanced diet. Some people even forget to eat properly when they are concentrating on completing their schedule of food intake processes that is meant to meet the minimum requirements of a balanced diet program. Consuming less and less food in an effort to lose accumulation of excess body flesh that can lead to serious health issues yourself will help you lose fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time but will also create other health difficult issues.

2. Those who tend to control the level of accumulation of excess body flesh that can lead to serious health issues that one is carrying too quickly as a consequence of fad diets end up putting it all back on again because of the pressure that they have put on their bodies. When you go through a blast schedule of food intake processes that is meant to meet the minimum requirements of a balanced diet, the moment you return to normal diets you will start overeating. This puts the pounds straight back on and you will end up with a negative aggregate result.

3. The chances of your success are reduced if you do not take a gradual approach to fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time loss. The sum of body parts tries to resist any changes to its current sum of body parts state. If you force it into the other extreme then it will also try to outwit you by storing fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time. Thus at a certain point you will find that you efforts no longer have such a great impact.

4. Contrary to some beliefs, the sum of body parts actually needs fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time. The only issue that you are trying to deal with excess fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time and not just destroy everything that is to do with a proper schedule of food intake processes that is meant to meet the minimum requirements of a balanced diet. Therefore you have to make the transition gradual. You have to leave something behind for the sum of body parts to survive on.

5. Losing fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time too quickly can put you on spot because you will not want to go back to your old size. This can become something of an obsession and you could end up with neurological issues that continue to plague you for a long time. Do not create difficult issues for yourself where there are none. Loss fatty slabs that afflict the body from time to time and accumulation of excess body flesh that can lead to serious health issues at a comfortable rate so that you can sustain the loss for a longer time.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What are the signs of a bad diet?

Hi guys, this post is going to concentrate on some of the negative signs of a bad diet. If you need to lose weight quickly and effectively, these some of the things that you should be considering when doing your diet. This is a continuation of some of the themes that I might have explored in earlier postings.

1. Simplicity and organic are words that we are looking for. If your diet is full of artificial things then it is unlikely to be a good one. The more natural food that you have in your diet the better it for your overall health and the practicability of your diet. Artificial elements may help you somewhat in developing your diet up to a certain level but then you have to take up the mantra and get serious about your weight loss program. The tendency to become obsessed with the artificial shows that you are either not confident in your ability to achieve your ideal weight through fair means or that you believe that it is appropriate to simply take the apparently easy way out by resorting to artificial condiments and pills. The sad truth is that many of these artificial things will not work unless you accompany then with a belief and commitment to proper dieting and exercise regimes.

2. A diet that attempts to get things that are outside of your reach is not a good one. It places extra pressure on you to search for food when your priority at this moment in time should be about making sure that your have enough capacity to control your weight. In typically laughable fashion you might end up spending your time trying to find the right foods thus causing you to get even hungrier and eat more than you should. Weight is about finding solutions that meet your needs at the time and place of your choosing. Looking at the foods around you is the best way of determining whether you can stick to any particular schedule for the diet. If you try to access that which you are unable to access, then failure is almost certain and you will have to beat a hasty retreat from your diet program.
Once you have identified the bad habits that will make your diet fail, you then have to concentrate on ensuring that you avoid all such habits in your daily routine. That is the only way forward.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does smoking help you lose weight?

I have often wondered about this controversial issue. The people who have given up smoking seem to be getting fatter while the smokers are generally thin. The doctors tell us that we should not listen to old wives tales about smoking. The psychoanalysts among us then move on to tell us that the reasons why smokers put on weight when they kick the habit is that they keep wanted to use the habitual motion of putting hand to mouth. Thus in the absence of a cigarette they turn to food which increases their intake and calorie count.

There are some very foolish people who even go as far as suggesting that it is a good idea to start smoking in order to control one’s weight. These are people who really do not understand the meaning of healthy living. Smoking has such a devastating impact on those who take it that it is very irresponsible to even suggest that it could be a solution to your health problems. This is akin to saying that when you have a headache the solution is to cut off the head itself.
This is the kind of irresponsible talk that has led many teenagers into the grips of a serious weight loss problem without a route towards exiting the trap. How some people come up with such theories is beyond me. However I must say that I have not yet found a satisfactory explanation as to why people who smoke tend to gain weight when they stop smoking. Perhaps one of you guys will have an intelligent explanation which I can public in the blog.

This is an issue that affects us all and I would appreciate any feedback or links to the information sources. I think that if they discovered that smoking really helped to lose weight, they would try to work out something to help facilitate the use of smoking without taking on the well known dangers.

I wonder whether the doctors are just afraid of contradicting one another and that is why they are not providing an explanation about smoking and weight control. I know that medical people have the habit of trying to forget issues rather than confronting the difficult issues. Maybe this is one of them. Anyone who has done research in this area please let me know the progress and we would be grateful for any tips on this rather secretive issue so far.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Continuing the Weight Loss 100 Challenge

Hi guys. I am continuing the Continuing the Weight Loss 100 Challenge by talking about some of the tips to help lose weight. I have heard some myths that smoking is good for weight loss because it replaces the motion of eating with that of smoking. In fact I have heard that when smokers stop smoking they put the weight back on. I have to admit I do not have the technical expertise to verify or dispute this claim. However smoking creates problems for some people including having erratic eating habits akin to binge eating. It also leads to other addictions or dependencies such as coffee which may not be good for your general health. I would say that on balance you should try to keep away from smoking.

There is a temptation to do things with far too much zeal for a beginner. For instance people who have just started running may take such long journeys that you begin to worry about their health. You should always aim to keep your weight at a gradual deceleration rather than sudden outbursts that cannot be reasonably sustained. It is enough to do just 10 minutes of good cardio per day rather than trying to run a marathon or walking briskly for 15 minutes a day. You should also be looking at completely transforming your traveling patterns to include more walking. This may appear to be inconvenient at first but you will soon get used to it such that it becomes almost automatic.

I read somewhere that people believed that they lost weight by drinking black coffee before a workout. There is no verifiable scientific research to confirm or disprove this but it is one of those urban myths which could actually be true. Some nutrition experts argue that coffee makes the body much more reliant on fat burning during a workout which will help in losing weight. The downside to this theory is that coffee can make your body become desensitized to the fat burning effects of caffeine. My attitude to this is that you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable and healthy.

One practical way of beginning to lose weight is to lose the remote control. Without the remote control, the television is less attractive and in any case the lack of a remote control will force you to walk to be able to access your set’s control panels. This could have the benefits of either weaning you off television into physical activity or even making you become slightly more active by travelling to and from the set.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Targeting Weight Loss 100 and More Times

I welcome you to the weight loss 100 mini blog. This is a place where we can all share the challenges of keeping the weight down. My initial challenge is for us to come up with more than 100 ways of reducing our weight. For this to happen, I would like to request you all to participate in the blog. You can either make a general post or make a comment. All are welcome and unless you have a particularly negative comment, I will not censure your entries. I will be posting in the blog every three days but I will visit it on a daily basis. Where possible I will responds to your queries in a positive and constructive manner. I will open this blog by continuing my tips for keeping your weight down.

For those of us who work in sedentary occupations such as the ones that are primarily based in an office, we experience the problems of trying to lose weight when practically we have very little opportunity to exercise. This is true if you drive to and from work. The changes that can be made to improve the lifestyle include walking to work and joining a gym or other activity based club to ensure that you at least experience some physical exertion on a fairly regular basis. There are many who buy gym memberships at the beginning of the year but end up never attending any gym. This is a waste of your time and money. It is not a good idea to sign up to programs when you know very well that you will not be able to meet the commitment. You can also have regular stretches outside the office as part of the health and safety programs at your office. It is not particularly exerting work but at least it gives you an opportunity to do something physical.

There is a particularly effective system of exercise that is based on walking a certain amount of footsteps every day. You may carry out this program on a regular basis even if you are working from home. You can climb stays or run around them or up them to ensure that you are taking the right amount of steps for your calorie effects. I have seen friends who have shed loads of weight on the back of this exercise regime. It is not particularly hard to organize because it is based on your normal activities.